SVOO Rubber cable has a upgraded function of oil resistant insulation and oil resistant sheath.


SVOO Rubber Cable

Safety approval style: SVOO
Executed standard: UL62

Rated temperature option: 60°C, 75°C, 90°C
Rated voltage: 300V
Insulation: Oil resistant EPDM rubber
Outer sheath: Oil resistant Neoprene rubber.

Ultra flexible softness:
Fixed installation bending radius: 4 x cable OD
Moveable installation bending radius: 6 x cable OD
Ultra flexible cable is good for applications that require tight turns.

SVOO cable is widely used for temporary electrical power connections requiring flexibility.
The EPDM rubber insulation has good tensile strength.
Resistant to abrasion, ozone, sunlight, chemicals, oil and suitable for submersion under water.
Insulation resistance: minimum 10 mOHM per km

Flame rated cable meets requirements for preventing the spread of flames on base of a timed test.
FT1 rated cable is suspended vertically during testing.
FT2 rated cable is suspended horizontally during testing.
Reference standard: UL1581

Application: indoors and outdoors, industry equipments and devices under harsh condition.

Cable structure:

Insulation thickness: 0.38 mm
Jacket wall thickness: 0.76 mm


Cable spec Conductor Insulation O.D. Jacket O.D. Current
18AWGx2C 41/0.16 mm 2.15 mm 6.05 mm 7A
17AWGx2C 52/0.16 mm 2.30 mm 6.35 mm 9A
16AWGx2C 26/0.254 mm 2.45 mm 6.65 mm 13A
18AWGx3C 41/0.16 mm 2.15 mm 6.35 mm 7A
17AWGx3C 52/0.16 mm 2.30 mm 6.70 mm 9A
16AWGx3C 26/0.254 mm 2.45 mm 7.00 mm 13A