SJ cable has a flexible rubber sheath. The common structure makes it the most cost-optimal among the family of rubber cables.


SJ Rubber Cable

Safety approval style: SJ
Executed standard: UL62

Rated temperature option: 60°C, 75°C, 90°C, 105°C
Rated voltage: 600V
Insulation: EPDM rubber
Outer sheath: Neoprene rubber.

Ultra flexible softness:
Fixed installation bending radius: 4 x cable OD
Moveable installation bending radius: 6 x cable OD
Ultra flexible cable is good for applications that require tight turns.

SJ cable has a flexible sheath.
The EPDM rubber insulation has good tensile strength.
Resistant to abrasion, ozone, sunlight, chemicals, oil and suitable for submersion under water.
Insulation resistance: minimum 10 mOHM per km

Flame rated cable meets requirements for preventing the spread of flames on base of a timed test.
FT1 rated cable is suspended vertically during testing.
FT2 rated cable is suspended horizontally during testing.
Reference standard: UL1581

Application: indoors and outdoors, industry equipments and devices under high humidity or water condition.

Cable structure:

Insulation thickness: 0.76 mm
Jacket wall thickness: 0.76 mm


Cable spec Conductor Insulation O.D. Jacket O.D.
18AWGx2C 41/0.16 mm 2.80 mm 7.35 mm
16AWGx2C 26/0.254 mm 3.10 mm 7.95 mm
14AWGx2C 41/0.254 mm 3.50 mm 8.70 mm
12AWGx2C 65/0.254 mm 4.00 mm 10.50 mm
18AWGx3C 41/0.16 mm 2.80 mm 7.80 mm
16AWGx3C 26/0.254 mm 3.10 mm 8.40 mm
14AWGx3C 41/0.254 mm 3.50 mm 9.30 mm
12AWGx3C 65/0.254 mm 4.00 mm 11.00 mm
18AWGx4C 41/0.16 mm 2.80 mm 8.60 mm
16AWGx4C 26/0.254 mm 3.10 mm 9.20 mm
14AWGx4C 41/0.254 mm 3.50 mm 10.30 mm
12AWGx4C 65/0.254 mm 4.00 mm 12.10 mm
18AWGx5C 41/0.16 mm 2.80 mm 9.30 mm
16AWGx5C 26/0.254 mm 3.10 mm 10.10 mm
14AWGx5C 41/0.254 mm 3.50 mm 11.10 mm
12AWGx5C 65/0.254 mm 4.00 mm 13.25 mm